January 09, 2019

5th Annual Holiday Party - Thank You!

Our trainees' families gathered at Homeboy Industries for a time of fun and holiday cheer at our 5th Annual Holiday Party, hosted on December 21st. The event was filled with free gifts, food, and games, all in the spirit of ensuring our community started off the holiday break with a party! We would like to thank the following people and organizations for making this event such a success:

Accenture • Angel Alvarado • Ann and James Walker • Ann Mosser • Archdiocese of Los Angeles  • Baby2Baby • Boyd Lighting • Children’s Life Saving Foundation • Christina Singleton • Disney • Felicia Salmon • General Mills • Gensler LA/Education Studio • HITT Contractors • Homeboy Bakery • Immaculate Heart High School • IRTH Communications • Jayro Sandoval and the team from Homegirl Catering • Jenny Montano • Joe-Cheo McGuire • Jordan the DJ • Jim Oswald • Kinship Angels • LA Chargers • LA Dodgers • LA Lakers • Lauren Segal with Give a Beat • Loyola High School • Marlborough School • Peggy Doughty • Saint Joseph High School • SmartStorage Systems • Tito's • Toys for Tots • Traylor Bros., Inc. • Universal Studios Hollywood • Viamericas • Warner Brothers • Westlake High School • Westwood Presbyterian Church

December 14, 2018

Volunteering Opportunities




Date: December 28, 2018

Time: All day (or until they run out of ice cream) 1PM -12AM

What: Free scoops for all guests of their shop. They forgo tips and collect donations. 

Every year on the anniversary of their opening, Humphry Slocombe has  flung open their doors and offered free scoops to the public and accepted donations for its community partner Project Open Hand here in San Francisco. Humphry Slocombe is going to continue this tradition in Los Angeles with Homeboy Industries as their community partner of choice in SoCal.

Date: 12/28

What: Free scoops for all guests of their ice cream shop. They forgo tips and collect donations. 

Things we would love you to do:
Be a volunteer onsite to talk about Homeboy for key timeframes (busiest hours are in the evening on Fridays from 6-10PM)
Post signage from Homeboy to drive awareness


When:  December 15, 2018, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

During the Christmas season Homeboy has organizations whom “adopt” trainees and their families. These organizations will be giving gifts to the parents and children. We have 38 families who have been adopted by the Cathedral Archdiocese of LA. Each family will be receiving multiple boxes of gifts and a box of food. The location of this distribution will be in the back parking lot of Homeboy’s. We need volunteers to help with the distribution of these gifts and food boxes.



When: Thursday December 20, 2018

What: Deliver an unwrapped toy to Homeboy to the attention of Maria Flores or Natalie Rossi no later than December 19, 2019.

Natalie Rossi: nrossi@homeboyindustries.org

Maria Flores:  mflores@homeboyindustries.org



When: Friday December 21, 2018

What: Volunteers are asked to adopt a family to give specific gifts to one trainee's family 

How:   Contact Maria Flores at Homeboy. Each volunteer will be matched with a family, so that a volunteer can either buy gifts for a family with one child or a family with multiple children.

Maria Flores:  mflores@homeboyindustries.org

November 26, 2018

Shine Your Light This Season!

For 30 years, Homeboy Industries has served as a beacon of hope in the heart of Los Angeles for formerly gang involved and previously incarcerated men and women. As we've grown to become the largest gang rehabilitation and re-entry program in the world, we've learned an educated inmate may or may not re-offend and an employed one may or may not re-offend, but it is only healing the whole person that truly breaks cycles of violence and trauma for generations to come, for good.

When you donate to Homeboy Industries, you enable us to provide vital job training and re-entry services, from GED tutoring to tattoo removal, at no cost to nearly 9,000 individuals who walk through our doors seeking life transformation annually. Through mental health counseling, over 150 classes in life skills, substance abuse support, recovery and wellness, as well as our multiple social enterprises that employ our program participants, we work hard to stand, heal, and invest in those whom society has cast away.

The work we do is unique, and we receive very little government funding. Instead, we rely on people like you to stand with us in declaring that everyone deserves a second chance.

This season, we invite you into the joy of giving hope to someone who needs it most. Your generous support shines a light for formerly gang involved and previously incarcerated men and women seeking new pathways forward. 

Thank you for shining YOUR light this season!

November 01, 2018

Save the Date: #GivingTuesday is on November 27!


Homeboy Industries stands as a beacon of hope for former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women all year round, providing free job training and support to nearly 9,000 individuals each year. Giving Tuesday is a once-a-year opportunity to celebrate how nonprofit service organizations like Homeboy Industries help our communities thrive. The work we do is unique, and we receive very little government funding. Instead, we rely on people like you to stand with us in declaring that everyone deserves a second chance.

Donate today to kick off our $50,000 Giving Tuesday goal! And be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on this worldwide effort, happening November 27, 2018.

Thank you for standing with us this #GivingTuesday!

October 10, 2018

Voter Education Classes Every Friday in October at Homeboy Industries

This month, as a part of ongoing Civic Engagement workshops, Homeboy Industries is hosting a Voter Education series every Friday from 10:30am to 11:15am. We are excited to be able to educate, support, and encourage our trainees/clients to get involved in the democratic process and ensure their voices are heard in the upcoming midterm elections on November 6, 2018. 

The Voter Education series consists of four workshops during the month of October:

October 5, 2018 - Workshop #1: Voter Eligibility and Registration
October 12, 2018 - Workshop #2: How to understand and get involved with issues/items important to you
October 19, 2018 - Workshop #3: How to conduct research and find information on propositions and candidates on the ballot
October 26, 2018 - Workshop #4: Understanding your sample ballot and mock polling place troubleshooting/practice

These workshops will take place at Homeboy Industries (130 W. Bruno St.) and are open to trainees and community clients. Everyone is encouraged to attend these classes and register to vote in preparation for election day. We hope to see you there, and if you haven't registered to vote yet/are unsure of your registration status, click here!

July 30, 2018

New Tattoo Removal Technique

We’re excited to announce that in June 2018, Homeboy Industries received a donation of laser equipment from Eraser Clinic Laser Tattoo Removal. The Sinon q-switched ruby laser by Alma Lasers adds the 694 nanometer wavelength to our tattoo removal toolkit and allows us to treat exotic ink colors such as blue, green, purple, and stubborn black. This is a particularly valuable piece of equipment that will allow us to treat hundreds of men and women looking to remove visible tattoos that may prevent them from working certain jobs and moving beyond their gang affiliation . We look forward to putting this gift to good use supporting our mission!

July 10, 2018

Our 2018 High School Graduates

On Tuesday, June 12, we celebrated graduation for our high school students. We began an alliance with Pasadena-based Learning Works Charter School in 2010, and teach students at the Homeboy Industries' Learning Works satellite campus in our Boyle Heights location. Out of the 66 Learning Works student overall who earned their diplomas, 26 were Homeboy Industries students. The reason our alliance is so successful is that the guiding principles of Learning Works and Homeboy complement each other perfectly.

If you have not attended a graduation, you really are missing out. It’s inspiring! The outpouring of pure joy from students who never thought they’d earn a diploma is infectious.  Given their struggles with school, poverty and overall disadvantaged conditions, this is a HUGE accomplishment for them and us. Many of these youth are the first in their family to graduate high school.

April 07, 2018

30th Anniversary Lo Máximo Awards - Save the Date

Thirty years ago, Greg Boyle took a radical approach to comforting a neighborhood’s escalating gang violence: treat gang members like human beings. Soon after, Jobs for a Future was born. Then, in the wake of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, Homeboy Bakery was created and generated such success that the non-profit organization, Homeboy Industries, was established. But this was only the beginning.

At the 30th Anniversary Lo Máximo Awards Dinner we will celebrate the men and women who have changed their lives for the better, the people whose generosity paved a way for their foundational healing and the man whose audacious vision and commitment to radical kinship started it all. Join us.

Saturday, April 7th, 2018 | JW Marriott at L.A. Live | Lo Máximo Awards and Dinner

Reserve your sponsorhip here.

January 12, 2018

4th Annual Holiday Party - Thank You!

Homeboy Industries filled with family and laughter at our 4th Annual Holiday Party hosted on December 23rd for a couple hundred of our homeboy's and homegirl's families. The event was filled with free gifts, food, games, and even interactive activities provided by NASA. We would like to thank the following people for making this happen:

American Airlines • Columbia Space Memorial Museum • Traylor Brothers • JPL Pasadena • Accenture • Gensler LA, Newport Beach, and San Diego teams • Parthenon EY • Disney • DJ Joe Joe-Cheo McGuire • Universal Studios Hollywood • Nate East • General Mills • Michael Celenza • Korea Times • Loyola High School • LA Dodgers • Marlborough High School • Westwood Presbyterian Church • Harvard Westlake High School • Saint Joseph High School • Immaculate Heart High School • SMARTBOX • Ann Mosser and Stanford Pasadena Women's Book Club • Richard Ludt and IRS Demo • Erica St John and the students from Westridge High School • Space Center Houston

January 04, 2018

30th Anniversary Lo Máximo Awards - Save the Date

Thirty years ago, Greg Boyle took a radical approach to comforting a neighborhood’s escalating gang violence: treat gang members like human beings. Soon after, Jobs for a Future was born. Then, in the wake of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, Homeboy Bakery was created and generated such success that the non-profit organization, Homeboy Industries, was established. But this was only the beginning.

At the 30th Anniversary Lo Máximo Awards Dinner we will celebrate the men and women who have changed their lives for the better, the people whose generosity paved a way for their foundational healing and the man whose audacious vision and commitment to radical kinship started it all. Join us.

Saturday, April 7th, 2018 | JW Marriott at L.A. Live | Lo Máximo Awards and Dinner

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November 14, 2017

Give Hope on Giving Tuesday

Homeboy Industries stands as a beacon of hope for former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women all year round, providing free job training and support to nearly 9,000 individuals each year. Giving Tuesday is a once-a-year opportunity to celebrate how nonprofit service organizations like Homeboy Industries help our communities thrive. The work we do is unique, and we receive very little government funding. Instead, we rely on people like you to stand with us in declaring that everyone deserves a second chance. Thank you for donating!


To Support Homeboy Industries on Giving Tuesday CLICK here: http://bit.ly/HBIGivingTuesday2017

August 04, 2017

We’re Going Back to School and We Need Your Help!

At Homeboy Industries, “back to school” can mean a lot of things. Some homeboys and homegirls are studying for the GED after years away from school. Others are fulfilling a lifelong dream of going to college. Many are doing everything they can to ensure their kids get a great education. What they all have in common is a need for school supplies. We’ve put together a wish list to make sure nothing stands between our homies, their families, and an education. You can also make a direct donation which will go to individualized supplies like college textbooks. Thank you for making this our best back-to-school yet!

July 24, 2017

Annie E. Casey Foundation Supports Global Homeboy Network

Homeboy Industries is excited to announce that the Annie E. Casey Foundation will be a sponsor of our fourth annual Global Homeboy Network Gathering in August 2017. The Gathering brings together community organizations, government agencies, faith-based groups, and law enforcement from around the world to discuss best practices in serving marginalized populations.

The mission of AECF is to develop a brighter future for youth at risk of poor educational, economic, social, and health outcomes. We are pleased to have the foundation’s support in helping to break cycles of violence and poverty.

June 30, 2017

Bank of America Invests in Economic Mobility

Homeboy Industries is pleased to announce that Bank of America has invested in our work in two key ways: supporting our Job Training program and therapeutic services, and sponsoring the Global Homeboy Network Gathering, which is coming up in August.

Bank of America’s grant will allow us to help more men and women transform their lives and develop careers every day at Homeboy Industries, as well as share our model with other communities around the world.

June 30, 2017

Sawchuk Family Foundation Helps Trainees Follow Their Goals and Hearts

Homeboy Industries is grateful to the Sawchuk Family Foundation for a $25,000 grant, which will support our healing programs and job training opportunities for those leaving gang life and incarceration.

The grant will help people like Ruth, who recently explained how Homeboy has helped her find resilience: “Growing up, giving up was always a part of my vocabulary. When things get hard, give up. But today it’s not an option. I tell people follow your dreams, follow your goals, follow your heart.”

June 28, 2017

Join Us Sept. 23 for the 9th Annual Homeboy 5K

Whether you’re a runner, walker, or simply someone who believes in the mission of Homeboy Industries, we hope you’ll join us for our 9th Annual 5K Run/Walk! A true celebration of L.A.’s diversity, the Homeboy 5K brings together athletes, homegirls, homeboys, and community members of ALL ages for a run through the streets of historic Downtown Los Angeles. Join us at the finish line (Homeboy headquarters) for food, music, art, kids’ activities, and a marketplace featuring Homeboy Industries social enterprise products. 

Last year’s 5K drew 2,500 runners and walkers and raised $200,000 for Homeboy’s programs, helping former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women transform their lives. Help us beat that goal this year by registering to participate—or even virtually participate—today. Start a team. Join the race. Encourage your friends and family to support. Or just come out and enjoy a great day with the Homeboy community in our Chinatown headquarters. See you there!

For more info visit Homeboy5k.org or email us at info@Homeboy5K.org.

Run. Walk. Support.

June 23, 2017

Angell Foundation Helps Homeboys and Homegirls Get Great Jobs

The Angell Foundation has made a $50,000 grant to Homeboy Industries to help former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women train for jobs in fields of their choosing. Every day hundreds of trainees learn valuable skills at our social enterprises, but some trainees have interests and aptitudes that go beyond what we can offer onsite. Support from the Angell Foundation will allow them to get educated and certified to become truck drivers, hair and makeup artists, and much more.

June 23, 2017

Homeboy Industries Awarded Innovation Bonus

We are pleased to announce that Homeboy Industries has received an Innovation Bonus, pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation and managed by IDEO.org. The award affords our agency an opportunity to dream big about our future and provides us with $83,333 to get started.

We are honored to be part of a small cohort of human services organizations to participate in this process, and we are excited to brainstorm about how Homeboy Industries can help more former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women transform their lives.

June 02, 2017

Former Gang Members Find Freedom with Support from Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

Homeboy Industries is pleased to announce that The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, a longtime supporter, has made a $100,000 grant to help our agency provide vital training and services to former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women.

This investment will allow us to support more people like Lami, a former trainee who now works as one of our senior Navigators, mentoring others on their journey. Lami recently discharged parole and described what freedom meant to him.

“I told my former parole officer, ‘I’m glad to be off parole, but the work continues. I have to keep doing what I’ve been doing and stay motivated,’” Lami said. “I also told him to feel free to stop by Homeboy anytime if he’s in the area and if he has a parolee struggling with reentry, send him my way.”

March 08, 2017

Roddenberry Foundation Helps Provide “Skills for the Journey”

Longtime Homeboy Industries supporter the Roddenberry Foundation has provided a $50,000 grant to provide job training and vital services to formerly incarcerated and gang-involved individuals. With their support, we will be able to help more people like Jacqueline, who describes her experience working at Homegirl Café this way: “It’s been a great opportunity to gain skills in order to be a better member of my community. I will actually be wrapping up my time here on March 31st and feel very ready to begin my next journey in the world.”

January 26, 2017

Lo Máximo Awards - Save the Date

Whether you are thirsty or on fire, you need water. We all need water. For nearly thirty years Homeboy Industries has provided hope to thousands of formerly gang-involved previously incarcerated men and women. Individuals seeking water.

Through offering free services ranging from tattoo removal and mental health services to GED prep and workforce development, Homeboy Industries aims to help quench the restless soul seeking change.

Lo Máximo is a special night for our distinguished friends and community leaders to join in this journey. This is our time to celebrate together and recognize extraordinary individuals. A time for us to appreciate those committed to transforming their own lives as well as the lives of others. On this night we join together to advance a movement impacting brave men, women and their children around Los Angeles.

This is Lo Máximo.

Saturday, March 25, 2017 | JW Marriott at L.A. Live | Lo Máximo Awards and Dinner

Reserve your sponsorship here.

January 17, 2017

Pfaffinger Foundation Fuels Transformation at Homeboy Industries

Homeboy Industries is grateful for a $20,000 grant from the Pfaffinger Foundation, which will help us start 2017 on a strong note. Homeboy’s 18-month Job Training program provides hundreds of formerly gang involved and previously incarcerated men and women with the structure and encouragement they need to turn their lives around.

People like Anthony have broken a cycle of gang involvement that goes back generations: “Every dude my mom knew was a gangbanger—my grandad, my pops, my stepdad. Those were my role models,” Anthony recalled recently. “I thought I knew myself, but I didn’t. I started learning that I was more of an asset to my neighborhood than they were to me. Today I’m still growing and learning and reading books…. The family you were born into is your biological family, but you have a spiritual family too. I look at myself now as a humble giant.”

December 22, 2016

Discover a Star Foundation Makes $25,000 Grant to Homeboy Industries

The Discover a Star Foundation has provided $25,000 to help Homeboy assist former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women transform their lives. Thanks to their support, we will be able to help more people like George, who described his change this way: “Today is different from the way I grew up. I didn't have role models to direct me on the right path. The consequence was that I lost my mother while I was in prison. I just recently forgave myself for that with help from my therapist and my sponsor. Now I'm training to be a wildland firefighter and I'm hungry for that. I've never been hungry for anything positive before. I'm a father to my kids. I'm a proud husband. I deal with my problems instead of running from them.”

December 22, 2016

Herb Alpert Foundation Supports Arts and Growth at Homeboy Industries

Homeboy Industries is pleased to announce that we recently received two grants from the Herb Alpert Foundation, a long-time supporter. The foundation provided $50,000 to help us grow our capacity, and $25,000 for arts programming.

At Homeboy, we help former gang members and people who have been incarcerated discover who they really are. Writing, acting, and other forms of self-expression are important to the healing process.

A trainee named Anthony recently spoke about redefining his identity. “Every dude my mom knew was a gangbanger—my grandad, my pops, my stepdad. Those were my role models. I thought I knew myself, but I didn’t,” he said. Now that he’s at Homeboy, “I’m still growing and learning and reading books…. The family you were born into is your biological family, but you have a spiritual family too. I look at myself now as a humble giant.”

December 21, 2016

Looker Foundation Helps Homeboys and Homegirls Break the Cycle

Homeboy Industries is grateful to the Looker Foundation for making a $12,000 grant in support of our parenting program, a slate of classes that teaches our clients to be the parents they never had.

Most former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women dealt with abuse or neglect in early childhood. Whether watching their parents drink, do drugs, or engage in domestic violence, home was rarely a safe place; that’s why many looked to gangs for love and protection.

At Homeboy, we help clients repair damaged relationships with their children and learn healthy parenting techniques. Their children are more likely to stay in school and stay out of prison. A trainee named Junior recently shared how Homeboy has helped him be the father his son Daniel needs. See their video here.

December 16, 2016

Edison Supports Education at Homeboy

Homeboy Industries has received a $20,000 grant from Edison International in support of our Pathways to College program.

After spending their childhoods in “survival mode” and faltering academically, many Homeboy clients think of themselves as unintelligent or unteachable. Our education programs replace those narratives with positive achievements. The path begins with a comprehensive educational assessment, followed by placement in a GED or high school continuation program and individualized tutoring. Once clients have completed high school, they enroll in community college with a cohort of students from similar backgrounds. The support students receive at Homeboy helps them overcome academic, mental, and logistical barriers to higher education.

“My GED was always on my to-do list,” a trainee named Inez said recently. Pathways to College helped her pass the test and enroll in college. Now, she says, she prioritizes school. “I’ve had a lot of things taken away from me, but they can’t take my education.”

November 23, 2016

California Endowment to Help Homeboy Improve Organizational Effectiveness

The California Endowment, a longtime supporter of Homeboy Industries, has made a $60,000 grant to help strengthen our management team and improve our effectiveness in serving formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women. TCE believes “health happens in community,” and Homeboy is dedicated to creating a more impactful therapeutic community for the clients we serve. We are grateful for this opportunity to plan for Homeboy’s future.

November 22, 2016

Lon V. Smith Foundation Helps Make Homeboy a Therapeutic Community

As a place that helps former gang members heal the wounds of the past, Homeboy Industries is fortunate to have a strong Mental Health program that includes individual therapy, support groups, domestic violence counseling, and a Baby & Me class. We are pleased to announce that the Lon V. Smith Foundation has made a $10,000 grant to support this work.

The grant will help more clients like Connie, whose family had a long criminal history. After getting sober and leaving her past behind, Connie was triggered by her brother’s unexpected death last year. But her Homeboy support system got here through it.

“It would have been so easy for me to throw everything away then. I wondered what was the point of me doing well if these things could still happen to me,” she says. “I had all this hurt and anger, but I had to let people support me. I held onto everything I learned at Homeboy—kinship, hope, faith. That’s what got me through.”

October 13, 2016

Hoag Foundation Makes $350,000 Grant to Homeboy Industries

The Hoag Foundation, founded by Larry and Helen Hoag, has made a $350,000 grant to help Homeboy expand our 18-month Job Training program by 60 spots over the next three years. This support is crucial, given that demand for our services is currently much greater than our capacity to enroll trainees. Los Angeles County is home to the largest network of jails in the country, and to more than 12,000 state parolees. For those who hope to truly change their lives, Homeboy is one of just a few options.

With support from The Hoag Foundation, we will be able to help more individuals like Christina, who recently described overcoming the negative messages she received as a child and discovering her abilities: “After coming to Homeboy, I got arrested for something from my past, and with everything that was going on, I felt like I wanted to give up,” she says. “But here I am. I signed up for GED tutoring even though I didn’t even know my multiplication tables. Now I’m doing algebra and geometry. I can honestly say I’m proud of myself.”

October 07, 2016

Rosenthal Family Foundation Helps Homeboy Trainees Discover “I Can Do It”

Homeboy Industries is pleased to announce that the Rosenthal Family Foundation has made a $100,000 grant to our organization. We are grateful for the opportunity to help more previously incarcerated and gang-involved discover their intrinsic value and acquire the skills necessary to change their lives.

“If I put in a little effort, I can do it. They drill that into you at Homeboy Industries,” a Homeboy graduate named Miguel said recently. Today that’s his mantra at his apprenticeship at Weber Metals. “I don’t want to let [Father] G and Homeboy down, but most of all, I don’t want to let myself down.”

September 30, 2016

Boeing Expands Support, Funds Solar Training and Global Homeboy Network

The Boeing Company, a longtime supporter of Homeboy Industries, has made a $100,000 grant to support our Solar Panel Training Program and the Global Homeboy Network. The Solar Panel Training Program has been a successful model providing training and jobs in the renewable energy field for more than six years, while the Global Homeboy Network has been offering technical assistance since 2014 to organizations that serve marginalized populations. This grant will enable us to create a handbook to help other grassroots groups pursuing social justice as well as work directly with partner organizations from Florida to Texas to Washington.

We are grateful for this opportunity to take Homeboy’s successful model of job training and therapeutic support to other communities in need.

July 22, 2016

Kilroy Foundation Makes $50,000 Grant to Homeboy

Homeboy Industries is grateful for a $50,000 grant from the John B. and Nelly Llanos Kilroy Foundation. As a longtime supporter, the foundation has enabled many formerly incarcerated and gang-involved men and women to redirect their lives.

A trainee named Jacqueena recently described how her experience at Homeboy is changing the way she looks at the world: “When I first came here, I only hung out with one person, because she looked like me. But at the Homeboy retreat, I realized that even though we all might have different backgrounds, our pain is the same.”

July 22, 2016

Walter J. and Holly O. Thomson Foundation Supports Education at Homeboy

We are excited to report that the Walter J. and Holly O. Thomson Foundation has made a $25,000 grant to Homeboy Industries. The grant will support our education program, which includes 40 classes ranging from GED Prep to Meditation. Homeboy also helps former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women enroll in college. Our charter high school, Learning Works, offers an independent study curriculum for high-risk youth.

A former Homeboy trainee named Lami, who now works as a peer mentor to other trainees, recently described how he applies his educational experience to real life: “I’m in college now, and I’m taking a sociology class. The question comes up: Are we prisoners of society? Unfortunately the society a lot of us come from appreciates gang violence, but coming to Homeboy gives us a platform to change. Let’s be prisoners of hope and trust.”

July 20, 2016

Boeing: a Hundred-Year-Old Company That Keeps Up With the Times

“People always ask us how we find clients,” Fr. Greg Boyle observed recently. “That’s the easy part—they line up in the lobby. No one asks us how we find funders.”

Homeboy Industries is fortunate to have a diverse base of committed funders, the engine that drives any nonprofit. Leading the charge is The Boeing Company, the aerospace and airplane manufacturer, which turns 100 this year. Boeing was instrumental in helping Homeboy launch our Solar Panel Training program in 2010. In 2015, more than 80 program graduates found jobs in the green sector, and 30 passed the prestigious North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) test.

The program is a model partnership between a community organization (Homeboy), an educational institution (East Los Angeles Skills Center, where participants take photovoltaics classes), and the private sector, thanks to supporters like Boeing and AT&T. It has garnered attention from L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti (left, with Fr. Greg), who spoke at Homeboy's solar panel celebration event earlier this year.

“Game-changing innovation has always been at the heart of Boeing,” said Kevin Ober, community investor for The Boeing Company. “Through strategic charitable investments, employee engagement and thoughtful advocacy efforts, Boeing and its employees support innovative partnerships such as Homeboy Industries, which address complex social issues and help build better communities.”

June 16, 2016

HEDCO Foundation Keeps Homeboy Secure

At Homeboy, we often talk about creating a safe place for clients in a therapeutic sense—a place where they can be open, honest, and vulnerable. But before clients can feel safe emotionally, they must be safe physically. Thanks to a $28,000 grant from the HEDCO Foundation, Homeboy will be able to purchase a video security system for our Bruno Street headquarters and our newly acquired building on Main Street, which we are currently renovating.

Leaving gang life isn’t just a matter of deciding to pursue job training and personal growth (though it is those things). It can be challenging for former gang members to steer clear of acquaintances who may want to revive old conflicts. As a therapeutic community, Homeboy strives to be a true home where our clients feel “held” by people who care about them unconditionally. We are grateful for this opportunity to make our campus safer and more secure.

May 25, 2016

Homeboy Industries Receives $15,000 from Bank of America

Homeboy Industries is thrilled to have received a $15,000 grant  from Bank of America to support Homeboy Industries’ 18-month Job Training program. The funds will help former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women find the strength and skills needed to reenter the community.

“Only healing can lead to the absence of crime,” Homeboy founder Fr. Greg Boyle has said.

Finding a well-paying job continues to be a challenge in Los Angeles and job training programs play an important role in helping our underserved compete for fair wage jobs.

“Investing in our workforce is one of the ways we are addressing issues fundamentally connected to economic mobility,” said Raul A. Anaya, Los Angeles Market President of Bank of America. “We’re proud to partner with nonprofit organizations from across Los Angeles that are helping to build a more sustainable community.”

At Homeboy, we believe healing happens in community; program participants attend support groups, practice work therapy, take classes, and go on trips together. We are grateful to 

Bank of America for helping to make our program successful and sustainable!


April 20, 2016

California Community Foundation Helps Fight Food Scarcity

The California Community Foundation has awarded Homeboy Industries a two-year, $70,000 grant to help our clients fight hunger. Homeboy helps former gang members and previously incarcerated individuals dismantle barriers to employment, but while they’re getting on their feet, it’s all too common for clients to face food scarcity.

Support from CCF will enable us to provide clients with grocery store gift cards and enroll them in food-related subsidy programs. At Homeboy, we often talk about feeding the soul, but it’s hard to find peace on an empty stomach. We’re grateful for this opportunity to offer nourishment in all forms.

April 08, 2016

Fighting Shadows, Richard Cabral’s One Man Show, April 15 to May 8

Don't miss the LIMITED RUN of Richard Cabral's one-man show FIGHTING SHADOWS! A brutal, truthful account of Homeboy Industries Award-winner and Emmy-nominated actor Richard Cabral’s early life as a notorious gang member in East LA, Fighting Shadows follows his life-affirming transformation out of the shadows of gangs, prison, and violence, and into a new world of family, art, and love. Produced by Emmy-nominated actress Jami Gertz and helmed by the acclaimed director Robert Egan, this production features live music from Rocio Libertad Mendoza and original collaborative paintings by artists from Homeboy Industries.
April 15 - May 8 at The Rosenthal Theater at Inner-City Arts. A portion of the proceeds benefit Homeboy Industries. Grab your tickets here!

Website: http://www.fightingshadowstheplay.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homeboystory/
Instagram: @Homeboystory
Twitter: @Homeboystory 
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/homeboystory

Direct Ticket Link: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2525806

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1075197315854640/

March 04, 2016

Mayor Garcetti Praises Homeboy’s Solar Panel Program

On March 1, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilmembers Joe Buscaino and Curren Price Jr, and AT&T California President Ken McNeely joined us at Homeboy for our first-ever Solar Panel Celebration Event. With support from our sponsors (The Boeing Company, Bronson and Knapp Foundation, and Union Bank, and a recent investment of $100,000 to the program from AT&T), our Solar Panel Training Program, which began in 2008 in partnership with the East Los Angles Skills Center, will equip more than 100 trainees in 2016 with skills in solar panel installation. We are grateful to all of our partners for continued leadership in pushing for green approaches to reentry by investing in our program. We are also so proud of David Andrade, who came to Homeboy in 2013 after a 10-year prison sentence, and worked his way up to Assistant Program Coordinator for the Solar Panel program. Today, David helps trainees find the confidence and drive necessary to succeed.

February 19, 2016

Violet’s Giving Circle Supports the Women of Homegirl Café

We are excited to announce that Violet’s Giving Circle, part of the Women’s Foundation of California network of philanthropists, has granted $10,000 to help women receive job training at Homegirl Café.

Training and certification help the women in our community overcome barriers to employment (criminal records, lack of education). Our comprehensive support services help them discover the inner strength necessary to change. Homeboy trainees frequently testify that our program helps them see themselves in a new light—not as criminals unworthy of love, but as human beings capable of repairing the past and moving forward.

February 09, 2016

Homeboy Joins REDF’s Social Innovation Fund Portfolio

Homeboy Industries is honored to have been selected as one of 22 social enterprises that will partner with REDF, an organization that works to combine market forces and social impact. We will receive funding and technical assistance to help grow our businesses, especially Homeboy Bakery and Homegirl Catering.

As Homeboy’s businesses grow, so do opportunities for people like Fredi, a trainee who came to Homeboy after spending his entire young adulthood in prison. “Just because you’ve been through what you have, doesn’t mean your obstacles will drown you,” Fredi observed recently. “This is the first place I’ve encountered that feeling of hope.”

January 06, 2016

Homeboy’s Grab-and-Go Airport Meals Help Trainees Take Off

Most travelers who stop at Homeboy Café in Los Angeles International Airport’s Terminal 4 know only that they’re getting a tasty sandwich or pastry. If they’re not running late for their flight, they may pause and learn that these products have a purpose: supporting job training and services for men and women who want to break a cycle of gang membership and incarceration.

However, very few visitors know that, until a few months ago, most of the food served at Homeboy’s LAX outpost was produced by another company as part of a licensing deal—but with the recent launch of a grab-and-go product line, travelers will get a true taste of Homeboy’s homegrown foods. For the first time, trainees in our 18-month Job Training program will be creating and delivering (in our new refrigerated truck) a rotating menu that includes sandwiches, salads, fruit cups, yogurt, crudités, and more. Behind the scenes, our staff has been hard at work generating product ideas and finessing the packaging. These products will be sold at the Sunset News shop (owned by World Duty Free Group) in Terminal 6.

When some trainees come to Homeboy, they have never left their neighborhoods, except to go to prison. Here, the world opens up to them—whether they enroll in college, get a driver’s license, or accompany Fr. Greg on one of his many speaking engagements around the world, trainees begin to travel, both literally and metaphorically. The next time you’re at LAX, the person in line next to you might be a homie.

December 18, 2015

Looker Foundation Helps Parents Break the Cycle

The Looker Foundation, a long-time supporter of Homeboy Industries, has made a $12,000 grant to our Parenting program. When parents turn their lives around, they break a cycle of violence and poverty for generations to come. Roughly 70% of Homeboy clients have children, meaning that the slate of parenting classes we offer is one of the most crucial components of our education program.

The grant will enable us to serve more parents like Amie, who came to Homeboy as a condition of keeping her youngest daughter (her older children were already in foster care). She admits that initially, the figured she’d go back to using drugs—but Homeboy’s classes helped her discover her own self-worth and set ambitious goals. Her daughter couldn’t wait to sing songs each week at Baby & Me. Today, Amie works as an HIV counselor with L.A. Community Health Project and is renewing her relationship with her older children. “My daughter calls me ‘Mom’ now—she used to just call me ‘Amie.’ My son understands that, before, I was sick. Now they know they can count on me. We all do our homework together.”

December 18, 2015

Edison International Helps Homeboys and Homegirls Pursue Higher Education

Homeboy Industries is grateful for Edison International’s recent contribution of $20,000, which will support our Pathways to College program. Education took a back seat in the lives of many of our clients, as they navigated lives marked by violence and chaos. Pathways to College provides the additional academic, financial, and moral support they need to pursue a college education.

The program has helped people like Lily, a former trainee who admitted that when she was released from prison, returning to college was the furthest thing from her mind. But, as Lily wrote in a recent essay on La Comadre, a blog she co-founded to help women of color navigate education: “Homeboy encouraged me to go back to CSUN [California State University Northridge]…. At the bookstore I noticed Father Greg’s book, Tattoos on the Heart, as though it was some kind of sign of hope and reassurance. I knew I was at the right place.”

December 17, 2015

Satterberg Foundation Helps Homeboy Clients Discover Their Best Selves

Homeboy Industries is grateful to the Satterberg Foundation for making a gift of $10,000 to help former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women redirect their lives. The foundation, which is committed to promoting a just society and sustainable environment, will be helping people like Jermaine see themselves in a new light.

Jermaine recently described spending time with his five-year-old daughter. “For the first time,” he said, “I felt like I was the right person for the job, and like I was doing my best.”

December 15, 2015

AT&T Aspire Invests in Solar Panel Training at Homeboy

As part of AT&T Aspire, AT&T has made a contribution of $100,000 to support Solar Panel Training at Homeboy Industries. The program has enrolled more than 140 new students in 2015. Sixty-five program graduates found jobs, and 23 passed the prestigious NABCEP test.

The program has become a model for several other training “verticals” (pathways that lead to a job with growth potential) at Homeboy. “No amount of me wanting a homie to have a life and a career can make him want one,” Fr. Greg Boyle has told our clients. “But when you do, it’s waiting for you.”

We are grateful to AT&T for helping ensure that promising careers are waiting for more men and women.

November 25, 2015

Homeboy Receives $75,000 Gift from Herb Alpert Foundation

Homeboy Industries prides itself on employing all types of healing techniques, from psychotherapy to dance and painting. We are pleased to announce that the Herb Alpert Foundation has provided Homeboy with grants totaling $75,000, to support our arts programming and to help build our capacity as an organization.

The grants will help fund classes like La Clase Art Academy, Dancing Heals, Creative Writing, and Songwriting, all of which help trainees work through past traumas, express their emotions, and see themselves in a new light.

As Fr. Greg Boyle says: “Only healing can lead to the absence of crime. What heals? Gratitude and tenderness. Where does it happen? Right here.”

November 24, 2015

Roddenberry Grant Helps Homeboys and Homegirls Forge New Frontiers

We are pleased to announce that the Rodenberry Foundation has made a generous $50,000 grant to Homeboy Industries. The foundation “supports and inspires efforts that create and expand new frontiers for the benefit of humanity.” Homeboy has been at the forefront of expanding society’s ideas about how we view ex-offenders and how to prevent recidivism.

The grant will support our core work: providing job training and support services in a loving, therapeutic environment. We will be able to help more clients like Arturo, who recently described how he hopes to use his own experience to help others: “A lot of times people don’t care about all the good we do—if you have a black dot on a white piece of paper, your eyes are drawn to that dot. But the more success we have as trainees, the more room we’ll make for other homeboys and homegirls.”

November 10, 2015

California Endowment Supports Prop. 47 Education at Homeboy

The California Endowment, a long-time supporter of Homeboy Industries, has made a $150,000 two-year grant to Homeboy Industries to provide outreach, assistance, and advocacy around Proposition 47.

By reclassifying select felony crimes as misdemeanors, Prop. 47 offers a unique opportunity for previously incarcerated citizens to reduce barriers to employment--but to do so, they need education and resources. Homeboy’s work around Prop. 47 also marks an opportunity to mobilize our population and ensure that their voices are heard by decision-makers overseeing health and social services.

As Fr. Greg reminds us, those who’ve been labeled as criminals “know what it’s like to be cut off from society, and can lead us to kinship. Because they know suffering, they guide us to the birth of a new inclusion, where nobody is a ‘nobody.’”

November 06, 2015

National Recreation Foundation Supports Empowerment for Homegirls


The National Recreation Foundation has donated $15,000 to Homeboy Industries, enabling us to offer retreats for the young women at Learning Works, our charter high school. At Learning Works, students who have been pushed out of traditional schools encounter the caring adults and flexible but rigorous curriculum needed to graduate. However, they have few opportunities to be kids or to discover the world beyond East L.A. Additionally, girls coming from the juvenile justice system often have a history of abuse and neglect, and struggle with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

These are all reasons that Homeboy will be offering two retreats aimed at empowering women through activities such as hiking, rock-climbing, yoga, self-defense, and meditation. By offering on-site childcare, we’ll make the retreats more accessible to the young moms we serve.

October 28, 2015

We’re Gearing Up for Lo Maximo 2016!

Get ready for Homeboy’s most glamorous night of the year! The Lo Maximo Awards & Dinner honor outstanding supporters in the Los Angeles community alongside Homeboy Heroes who have gone from receiving our services to giving back to the community in extraordinary ways.

Our Lo Maximo Awards & Dinner is also Homeboy's largest fundraiser of the year, supporting the services that give former gang members the strength to change.

This year’s event will take place on April 30, 2016, at the JW Marriott in Downtown Los Angeles.

If you are interested in joining our host committee, or if you would like other information about Lo Maximo, please contact Jacki Weber at jweber@homeboyindustries.org.

Save the date—we hope to see you there!

October 27, 2015

Boeing Foundation and Union Bank Foundation Support Solar Panel Training

The Boeing Foundation has renewed its support of Homeboy Industries’ Solar Panel Training program with a grant of $50,000, and the Union Bank Foundation has donated $10,000 to the program.

So far in 2015, 140 new students have enrolled in the program; 23 have passed the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners exam; and 65 program graduates have been hired! Support from these two foundations will allow us to provide the materials, tutoring, and peer mentoring that make the program one of Homeboy’s most popular and successful.

October 24, 2015

6th Annual “Every Angeleno Counts 5K & Festival”!

Homeboy Industries’ Every Angeleno Counts 5K and Festival 2015

Click here to view the brand new website for 2015 at www.EveryAngelenoCounts.org!

On Saturday, October 24, 2015 more than 5,000 folks of all ages will gather for a morning-long festival celebrating the worth of every Angeleno and the work of Homeboy Industries.

The Festival includes a 5K Run, an art exhibition and sale featuring 50+ renowned and emerging artists in a variety of media, activities for children, performances by eclectic musical artists, a vendor village selling handicrafts and artisan treats, and the first ever Homegirl Café Football Field Lunch (imagine tacos with 1,000 of your closest friends).

"Homeboy Industries stands against the idea that there might be lives out there that matter less than other lives," Father Greg Boyle, Founder and Executive Director of Homeboy Industries proclaimed into the bull horn at last year’s event. "Put more positively: Every Angeleno counts. And your being here this morning announces that with your feet."

Each year over 10,000 formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women from across Southern California come through Homeboy Industries’ doors in an effort to make a positive change. They are welcomed into a community of mutuality, kinship and respect. And they receive a wide variety of services ranging from tattoo removal to anger management and parenting classes so they can move on from Homeboy Industries and become contributing members of the community - knowing they count.

Join us as a runner or walker, donor or sponsor, volunteer or cheerleader. Every Angeleno Counts.

September 24, 2015

Ross Endowment Fund Supports Case Management at Homeboy

We are pleased to announce that we have received a $50,000 gift from the Michael & Irene Ross Endowment Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, a long-time supporter of Homeboy Industries. The grant will help fund our Case Management program, which is the hub of our 18-month Job Training program.

Case Managers (like Maria Flores, pictured) are true Renaissance men and women: They work closely with clients to create service plans, and also act as mentors, confidants, chauffeurs, and walking resource databases. This sort of hands-on, individualized care is at the root of the transformations that take place every day at Homeboy. When men and women with a history of trauma encounter someone they can trust, healing begins.

September 15, 2015

Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation Helps Trainees See Their Own Strength

We are pleased to announce that the Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation has donated $52,000 to support Homeboy Industries’ 18-month Job Training program. The program helps former gang members and previously incarcerated individuals develop hard and soft job skills while doing the rigorous internal work that is the root of transformation.

Trainees like Arturo (pictured, with his new driver's license) receive case management, education, therapy, tattoo removal, employment services, and peer mentorship. Recently, Arturo encouraged his fellow trainees to stay strong despite continuing adversity: “A lot of times people don’t care about all the good we do—if you have a black dot on a white piece of paper, your eyes are drawn to that dot. But the more success we have as trainees, the more room we’ll make for other homeboys and homegirls.”

Or, as Fr. Greg Boyle says, “How you see things changes everything, and grace is everywhere if you have the lenses to see it.”

August 20, 2015

Register to Vote at Homeboy Headquarters on September 22!

On September 22, National Voter Registration Day, Homeboy Industries will partner with Voto Latino, Rock the Vote, and Latino Victory Project to host the first ever public voter registration drive at their Downtown L.A. campus.

National Voter Registration Day is a single, cross-country day of coordinated field, technology, and media efforts aimed to spread awareness of voter registration opportunities. The Homeboy Industries Voter Registration Drive will be open to all Angelenos and will provide a unique opportunity to educate previously incarcerated and gang-affiliated men and women about their right to vote, as well as offer onsite registration.

Join us for Morning Meeting at 8:45 am at 130 W. Bruno St., Los Angeles, CA 90012. Stay to hear speakers at 10, register to vote, and hit the Homegirl Café for some breakfast!

Go here to RSVP to this event.

August 19, 2015

British Polo Day Helps Former Gang Members Find Strength and Skills

When polo fans gathered to celebrate their favorite sport at British Polo Day in June at Will Rogers Polo Club, they were also helping former gang members and previously incarcerated individuals turn their lives around.

For the second year in a row, Homeboy Industries was the proud recipient of proceeds from British Polo Day. The international network of polo events partners with a charitable organization in every country it tours. This year, BPD raised $25,000 for Homeboy, making it possible for us to offer a menu of 40 classes, from substance abuse prevention to creative writing.

At Homeboy, clients like Michael discover the strength and skills necessary to reintegrate into society. Michael described his transformation this way: “One of my fears was moving on from drinking and using [drugs]. I lost so many jobs and messed things up with my friends and family. I had to man up and face my fear of change. Today I’m going to school, and I think I’m a great father. I used to look at myself and feel disgusted. Now I feel proud.”

August 10, 2015

2nd Annual Gathering of the Global Homeboy Network

August 10th & 11th  - 2nd Annual Global Homeboy Network Gathering

Welcome Reception:

Sunday, August 9th from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Location: Homegirl Café, 130 W. Bruno St., Los Angeles, CA 90012


Monday, August 10th & Tuesday, August 11th
Time: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Location: The California Endowment, 1000 N. Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

Registration is now open.
Please email GlobalHomeboyNetwork@homeboyindustries.org for any questions and check this page for updates.

July 01, 2015

3rd Annual Back-To-School Drive

Summer is here… but, before too long, it will be back-to-school time!!

To support the educational goals of our Homeboy community, we are holding our 3rd Annual Back-To-School Drive throughout the month of July.

If you can add a few school supplies to your own student’s shopping trip, please know that any contribution to this effort, large or small, is very much appreciated. It all adds up!! And we are very grateful.

Throughout this month we will be accepting school supplies for students of many ages, all of whom we hope to supply with the much needed tools for success. Aside from the 200+ school-age (K-12) children of our trainees, and the 75+ adults enrolled in community college and vocational training, there are usually over 100 students enrolled at Learning Works @ Homeboy, our charter high school in Boyle Heights. We especially want to support this partnership, since these are kids that would not be in high school if not for the wonderful program, compassionate teachers and tenacious staff of Learning Works!

We want to offer our support and encouragement to all of these students, so they feel the love from their community and the pride in accomplishing something so important. We know that an education is the gift that keeps on giving. In Homeboy-style, let's make sure they know: "We got your back!"

So, please join us in our 3rd Annual Back-To-School Drive throughout the month of July. We can accept donations of any of the following unused school supplies:

Backpacks, calculators, 3-ring binders, lined filler paper, spiral notebooks, folders, report covers, rulers, pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, colored pencils, highlighters, white out, glue sticks, gift cards, etc.

We will distribute these supplies on August 3rd in a Back-To-School event. We want all of these students to succeed - and we know it takes a village!!

You can drop-off at our headquarters at 130 W. Bruno St., Los Angeles, CA 90012 from M-F 7:30am-5pm. You can also mail them to that address, ATTN: Educational Services.
Please direct questions to Sara at shaines@homeboyindustries.org.

Thank you very much for your continued support and for making this Back-To-School season less stressful for so many of those in need. We appreciate your efforts!!

June 30, 2015

The California Wellness Foundation Helps Homeboy Clients Address the Past and Discover a Future

We are pleased to announce that Homeboy Industries has received a three-year, $150,000 grant from The California Wellness Foundation in support of job training and wrap-around support services.

Fr. Greg Boyle has said “Nothing stops a bullet like a job,” but in order to maintain steady employment, individuals must be mentally healthy. Homeboy provides free, comprehensive therapeutic services that help clients do the inner work necessary to address years of complex trauma. It is not uncommon for a Homeboy client to grow up navigating a minefield of physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, gang violence, loss, and abandonment. It is no wonder that Fr. Greg encourages us “not to stand in judgment of what they have done, but in awe of what they carry.”

Homeboy’s wellness programs—including psychotherapy, support groups, peer mentorship, and exercise—help trainees like Russell find their true selves. Russell recently said: “I came here without the intention of talking to anyone—I just wanted to work. All my life, I just tried to be quiet and listen to other people. But now that I’m getting to know people at Homeboy, I’m getting ‘soft.’ I’m talking more than I ever have before.”

June 29, 2015


The “Training to Work” Program will open 150 new positions in job training and certification in the Business, Culinary & Food, Construction Trades, and Manufacturing fields. 

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 29, 2015) – Homeboy Industries—the largest and most successful re-entry and gang rehabilitation program— is one of three organizations in California to benefit from the U.S. Department of Labor’s “Training to Work” commitment to improving employment opportunities for previously incarcerated adults and youth.

Homeboy Industries will use this grant to expand planning, implementation, and follow-up related to the Homeboy Career Pathways Collaborative, which will provide 150 new openings for formerly incarcerated men and women to receive job training and certification in the business, culinary & food, construction trades, and manufacturing fields over the course of 39 months.

“At Homeboy Industries, our need to provide necessary services to our clients to overcome their criminal pasts often outmatches our access to funds,” said Thomas Vozzo, CEO of Homeboy Industries. “We are extremely grateful to the Department of Labor for this grant and for this recognition of the strength of our programs. We will use this grant to provide specialized job training that will help Homeboy clients become more confident and better equipped to reenter society as productive, fully engaged citizens—a transformative process that is at the core of Homeboy’s wrap-around services.”

The Homeboy Career Pathways Collaborative will help revitalize the City of Los Angeles – a designated Promise Zone by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development – while fulfilling Homeboy’s mission to provide hope, training, and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women, offering an “exit ramp” from a cycle of crime and violence.

The “Training to Work” grant also allows Homeboy to expand upon its business and culinary & food programs to now include construction trades and manufacturing. The program will provide case management, mentoring, and education to help their clients meet individualized career goals set early in the training process. While with Homeboy, they will move through a multi-phase training program that includes pre-enrollment tutoring, vocational training, work readiness training, and testing that will lead to industry-recognized credentials.

June 12, 2015

Peer Mentorship: The Secret of Solar Panel Program Success at Homeboy

When David Andrade went to prison, he was still a teenager. When he was released in 2013, he was a 28-year-old man who’d never held a job. Given the opportunity to train at Homeboy Industries, he took his job seriously, even when he was cleaning toilets on the maintenance crew.

Peer mentorship—simply looking out for one another—is part of Homeboy culture, and it wasn’t long before others noticed David’s work ethic. Hawking bread for Homeboy Farmers Markets, he doubled sales for his location. He did stints in the Employment Services department and the computer lab. Finally Jose Osuna, a former trainee who used to direct our Solar Panel training program and was recently made Director of External Affairs, encouraged David to enroll in Solar Panel.

David liked the idea of being able to build a real career, but he was nervous. “I didn’t want to fail,” he said. “People had these high expectations. I wanted to quit, but [Employment Counselor] Thaddeus pushed me.”

David graduated from the Solar Panel program in 2014. Now he’s the one pushing others to succeed. As Assistant Program Coordinator, he tutors cohorts of 30-plus students at a time, preparing them for a series of three photovoltaics classes at East Los Angeles Skills Center, our program partner. His current batch of 31 students have a 100% pass rate so far.

The program is open to members of Homeboy’s 18-month Job Training program as well as community clients. David makes sure that trainees are “held” according to Homeboy’s therapeutic model; he checks in with them and encourages them, developing trusting relationships that are the antithesis of street culture.

“I talk to everyone about their lives,” David says. “They say, ‘David, I can’t do it.’ I say, ‘Look, man, I know you’re stressed out, but I want you to have a career and help your family.’”

Another part of his job is to place Solar Panel students with partner companies once they graduate. The most recent class had 19 grads. So far, David has found positions for 17 of them.

“I love getting texts from students saying that interviews went well,” he says. He admits that when he first got out of prison, he assumed he’d end up back there. But now, “I want to give back to Homeboy because they gave so much to me. My family is proud of me now. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but now I’m really doing something.”

June 10, 2015

Homeboy Delivers 8,500 Signed Petitions To White House

On May 28th, Jose Osuna, newly named Director of External Affairs for Homeboy Industries, was part of a PICO delegation that met with key members of President Obama's staff at the White House.  The delegation was made up of formerly incarcerated people, clergy, and community leaders from the states of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, Louisiana, and California.

The group was there to deliver more than 8500 signed petitions calling on President Obama to #BanTheBox on Federal job applications and to create #FairChance federal hiring practices. This is part of the policy and advocacy work that Homeboy Industries does through its community organizing efforts.  The group also discussed low-income housing policies in regards to formerly incarcerated people and the obstacles these policies present for family re-unification.

Photo credit: Heather Wilson, PICO National

June 10, 2015

Homeboy’s Impact Crosses Generations

Homeboy Industries is grateful to the Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation, which recently made a grant in support of our Job Training program and wrap-around services. The Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation is a long-time supporter of Homeboy Industries, and their gift will help our clients break the intergenerational cycle of violence and poverty.

When Natalie came to Homeboy as a trainee, she wanted to improve her life and become a role model for her children. Today, she works as a Homeboy case manager, and her son just graduated from our charter high school, Learning Works.

“This is the first graduation of my son’s I’ll get to see—for the others, I was in prison,” Natalie recalled. “I want to thank everyone at Homeboy for giving me back myself so I can be there for my son.”

June 09, 2015

Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Helps Homeboy Clients Achieve Goals and Change Their Lives

We are pleased to announce that Homeboy Industries has received a $100,000 grant from the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation. Like Homeboy, the Parsons Foundation is dedicated to improving the fabric of the Southern California community. For us, that means improving public safety by helping former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women see that they are capable of more than they ever thought.

“We make a lot of goals,” acknowledged Christy (pictured), a former trainee who now runs Homeboy’s Anger Management and Domestic Violence programs. “But we don’t get there on our own. We have so many people hold us up.”

Homeboy strives to become a secure base for clients who had traumatic or chaotic backgrounds. Here, they receive case management, therapy, education, and mentorship. This foundation enables trainees to develop the skills and confidence they need to meet their goals. Most importantly, Homeboy clients hold each other up, saying, “I’ve been where you are now. I understand what it’s like. And I know you can do it.”

June 04, 2015

Be a Part of Homeboy History!







Become a part of Homeboy history!

Celebrated artist/muralist Fabian Debora (also our Director, Homeboy Substance Abuse Services) is in the process of designing/painting a 800 square foot mural that will adorn the south wall of our newly-acquired Main Street Building. Sitting nearly 30’ off the ground and visible from the Metro and most view corridors facing north, the mural will tell the story of Homeboy Industries over the last 25+ years: our impact on the lives of formerly incarcerated/gang-affiliated men and women ready to transform their lives and become contributing members of our community. These images of Compassion, Kinship, Education and Love will greet Angelenos and remind them that "Hope has an address"

But Homeboy Industries and Fabian want your help! Click here to see Fabian describe the mural.

All contributors who helped make the mural a reality will be acknowledged in a special installation/plaque that will be installed at the base of the building/just below the mural. You may donate now by following this link 

We are inviting our friends/supporters to sponsor this mural-making effort by making a donation at one of five sponsorship levels. At the $10,000 level, you and members of your company or organization (or even a group of friends and family) can help Fabian paint one of the 8’ x 8’ panels.

A $5,000 donation gets you a invitation to the Mural Unveiling Celebration and Main Street Building Opening and acknowledgement on our website and materials. Other donations include acknowledgement in the Celebration and Opening materials.

 We hope you will stand with us and be a part of this mural-making project to celebrate the men and women who want to paint a new vision for their lives!

Please review the sponsorship levels below and contact Alexa Rousso (Corporate Sponsorship) at 323-524-1256, extension 312  or donate online herei f you’re interested in being a part of the history of Homeboy Industries. We hope to receive all contributions in the next two-three weeks so we can complete mural painting by end of June/early June. We will have our Mural Unveiling Celebration in late July/early August! We hope you will be part of this very special Homeboy Community event.

$10,000 – Color and Kinship

Not only will I sponsor, I will paint my panel! Bring your friends, coworkers and/or family to add color and intention to panel outlines.

Color and Kinship level includes:

 A painting session to complete an 8x8 panel to be hung on our new Main Street building

 Photo opportunity/session with Fr. Greg Boyle and Artist/Muralist Fabian Debora

 Listing of your name(s) and organization on the installation/plaque at the base of the mural on the Main Street building

 Invitation to Mural Unveiling Celebration

 Invitation to the official Main Street Building Opening Celebration (6 tickets total)

 Name, logo, level of sponsorship and description of company featured in Opening Celebration materials (max ¼ page)

 Logo and link featured on social media and e-newsletter

 Name, logo, level of sponsorship and description of company and link to own website

 Certificate of Appreciation thanking individual/company for generous sponsorship

$5,000 Primer and Care

Ensure the longevity of the murals with this stewardship level of support. This level will provide the foundation and care of the project.

 Listing of your name(s) and organization on the installation/plaque at the base of the mural on the Main Street building

 Invitation to Mural Unveiling Celebration

 Invitation to the official Main Street Building Opening Celebration (2 tickets total)

 Name, logo, level of sponsorship and description of company featured in Opening Celebration materials (max 1/8 page)

 Logo and link featured on social media and e-newsletter

 Name, logo, level of sponsorship and description of company and link to own website

 Certificate of Appreciation thanking individual/company for generous sponsorship

$1000 Art Aficionado

 Name, logo, level of sponsorship and description of individual/company featured in Opening

Celebration materials (max 1/8 page)

 Logo and link featured on social media and e-newsletter

 Name, logo, level of sponsorship and description of company and link to own website

 Certificate of Appreciation thanking individual/company for generous sponsorship

$500 Homeboy Supporter

 Name, logo, level of sponsorship and description of individual/company and link to own website

 Certificate of Appreciation thanking individual company for generous sponsorship

$50-499 and Under Homeboy Friend – Our Ambassadors!

 Friendship package including Homeboy bumper sticker to show your support

 5 High quality postcards

June 04, 2015

A Note from Thomas J. Vozzo, CEO of Homeboy Industries Regarding Minimum Wage Increase

Homeboy Industries supports Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Los Angeles City Council’s proposal to raise the minimum wage, and believes this is a positive step forward in confronting income disparity and helping lift Angelenos out of poverty. However, as our mission is to provide rehabilitative and reentry services to a narrowly defined, hard-to-employ client base, the ordinance to increase the minimum wage will reduce the number of clients we serve on a daily basis. This decrease in services could potentially affect public safety and increase recidivism, thus forcing tax payers and society to pay more in the long haul.

Homeboy Industries is a human services agency dedicated to providing our clients—previously incarcerated, gang-involved individuals and high-risk youth—an invaluable opportunity to transform their lives so they can become contributing members of our society. All of our clients have one or more barriers to employment – visible tattoos, criminal records, substance abuse problems, limited education, and employment skills. They walk through our doors ready to work through deep trauma and disadvantage that has driven them to a lethal absence of hope.

At Homeboy, we provide resources for our clients to overcome their pasts and reimagine their futures by developing self-resiliency, job skills, professional references, and the understanding that hard work pays off. While they receive full-time pay during these 18months of training, the vast majority of their time is not spent delivering services, but receiving services, and learning to be in a socialized work environment – and for many it’s the first time.

In the course of a year, our employees—who are paid at or above minimum wage—train approximately 300 clients providing them a safe, supportive environment for case management, tattoo removal, legal services, counseling, education, and specialized training, and employment services. This holistic approach leads them on the exit ramp out of the vicious cycle of recidivism and the gang lifestyle.

As a human services agency with limited resources, we are grateful for our donor support. Additionally, we receive less than 5% of our annual funding from any government resources. We are proud to partner with L.A. Conservation Corps and Chrysalis for our request for exemption as these organizations also provide transitional jobs programs for LA’s most vulnerable, impoverished, and currently unemployable citizens. Our organization exists not to make money, but to help people become resilient so they can succeed in society, become contributing members of our communities, and secure good-paying jobs from traditional employers across our city.

As you can see, our request for an exemption—just for our clients—is not because Homeboy does not support a living wage. We simply want to continue our work to equip the unemployable with the strength to change. We want to help our clients become workers who can make a living wage outside of an 18-month program.

More than ever, now is the time for Homeboy to grow, not to shrink.

June 04, 2015

Albert and Elaine Borchard Foundation Funds Case Management at Homeboy

At a recent Morning Meeting (where we make announcements and kick off the day with an inspirational thought), a trainee shared his story: “I’ve been out of prison for six months. When I was locked up, I had trouble believing in myself, but my son inspired me to keep going. Now, I’ll be starting school in June. I want to be a counselor one day.”

How do former gang members and previously incarcerated individuals come so far, from near-hopelessness to excitement about the future? Case managers (like Stephanie Lovina and Christy Juarez, left), who work closely with trainees to create individualized service plans, are the engine that fuels transformation at Homeboy Industries.

We are pleased to announce that the Albert and Elaine Borchard Foundation has awarded $10,000 to Homeboy Industries to support our Case Management program. The grant will help the 200-300 men and women who come through our 18-month Job Training program each year to articulate goals, formulate plans, and form trusting relationships with their case managers. On behalf of all the trainees now daring to believe in themselves, we are grateful to the Borchard Foundation!

June 03, 2015

Sawchuk Family Foundation Helps Former Gang Members Help Themselves

The Sawchuk Family Foundation has awarded $20,000 to Homeboy Industries. A long-time supporter of our organization, the Los Angeles-based foundation recognizes Homeboy’s impact on the community: 95% of job training participants have not been arrested in the past three months, and 75% of those who are estranged from their children have regained contact or custody. These outcomes create safer, healthier neighborhoods.

Father Greg Boyle encourages new trainees not to be overwhelmed by the prospect of transformation: “You don’t have to see the whole road ahead. Just take one step.”

We are grateful to the Sawchuk Family Foundation for enabling more trainees to take that first step, and many more.

June 02, 2015

Announcing the launch of the 2015 “Every Angeleno Counts” Raffle!

Generous supporters have offered to give away a 2015 smart car, two round-trip tickets to Paris,
and an electric bike that can be used to raise funds through a raffle. The prizes will be given away at our 2015 5k on October 24th.
We are selling lots of individual tickets for $20 AND every registrant for the 5k automatically gets 1 ticket!

Find out how you can purchase individual tickets to win a 2015 Smart Car, two tickets to Paris, or an electric bike by clicking this link!!

Take part in our raffle ticket fundraiser to sell books of tickets to raise funds for Homeboy. If interested please email info@EveryAngelenoCounts.org!


May 22, 2015

Tamalada event with LA Galaxy





In continuation of LA Galaxy's 20 for Twenty community program, a year-long initiative that will see the implementation of 20 unique community service acts to celebrate the Galaxy’s 20th season in Major League Soccer; Galaxy players and staff visited Homeboy Industries Wednesday night. 20 LA Galaxy staff members and players A.J. DeLaGarza, Dan Gargan, Rafael Garcia and Alan Gordon were here to participate in our Teambuilding Tamalada program and meet our trainees. While here, the staff and players made tamales from scratch with Homeboy Industries own homegirls of Homegirl Catering. The Galaxy also received a tour of the Homeboy Industries facilities courtesy of the trainees.

Go Galaxy and support us at Homeboy Night with the LA Galaxy on Wednesday the 27th! The Homeboy Food Truck will be onsite and we will be selling raffle tickets at the Homeboy Booth for a chance at a new smart car or $10,000.00. Come say hi and sign up for our Every Angeleno Counts 5K, the winners of the raffle will be announced at the race on October 24th.

Here's a look at the event:


If you would like to make tamales in our Homegirl Cafe with a Tamalada night of your own, please contact us at 323-526-1254 ext 312 

Want to join us in Carson for the game next Wednesay the 27th? Click here http://www.lagalaxy.com/communitypartnerrand select Homeboy Night!



May 14, 2015

Bank of America Invests in Helping Clients Discover Their Own Strength

Homeboy Industries has received a $15,000 grant from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, which will support our Job Training program and support services, including case management, mental health, education, legal services, and employment services.

Homeboy understands that clients are more likely to get the help they need if they can access multiple resources under one roof. Thanks to supporters like B of A, Homeboy is able to treat people as individuals, not as problems to be solved.

“Homeboy Industries has allowed me to accept my past as a wonderful part of me,” said a trainee named Lily, who is now a student at California State University, Northridge. “It helped me see my strengths and how important I am.”

May 01, 2015

Former Gang Members Face Future with Confidence

Former gang members come to Homeboy to transform their lives, but it can be hard to make a fresh start when wearing your past on your face or hands in the form of tattoos. As a recent Wall Street Journal article noted, 71% of men and women ages 17-24 do not qualify for military service, and tattoos are a main reason.  In the article, Homeboy’s own Tattoo Removal Supervisor, Gabby Guillen, observed: “On a daily basis, people come in saying they don’t qualify for the military because of their tattoos. They have visible tattoos. Sometimes it’s behind the neck area, on the hands, face, ears.”

That’s why Homeboy’s Tattoo Removal program is one of Homeboy’s most popular. But when two of our three laser tattoo removal machines broke last year, the program had trouble keeping up with demand. Building on our summer 2014 Missing Ink crowd-funding campaign, the Confidence Foundation recently made a substantial gift to support tattoo removal at Homeboy. With the foundation’s help, we will be able to purchase state-of-the art equipment and remove tattoos in fewer treatments.

Support from the Confidence Foundation will allow us to serve more clients like Emilio, whose life is changing every day at Homeboy as he learns to set goals, accept love and support, and refuse to let something like a gang tattoo hold him back.

“At Homeboy, I’ve been able to get rid of the things in my life I didn’t want,” Emilio said. “[Now] I have a great responsibility for my liberty and freedom. I just got my driver’s license and I’m working on my GED. What keeps me going is not only breathing but learning how to breathe.”

April 11, 2015

2015 Lo Maximo

Saturday, April 11, 2015 | JW Mariott at L.A. Live | Lo Maximo Awards and Dinner

Dear Friends,

After the laughing and crying, Homeboy hugs and high fives – Homeboy Industries’ annual fundraiser is the most important night for the organization each year.

With your help, in 2015 Homeboy Industries will provide a welcoming place for 10,000 gang members and formerly incarcerated men and women to leave behind hopeless pasts filled with poverty, abuse, and criminal activity.

Proceeds from Lo Máximo will support free job training program and wrap-around services like mental health and substance abuse support, educational and legal services, tattoo removal and so much more.

You know that the work is important and the evening is an inspiration.

Commit as a Community Sponsor or above by February 9, 2015 and we’ll acknowledge you on the invitation we send later in the month. 

See sponsorship levels and sign up here

March 14, 2015
January 23, 2015

Every Angeleno Counts: The t-shirt design contest


Yes. And?

It's the name of Homeboy Industries'  Second Annual 5K Run and Festival taking place October 24, 2015.

We're kicking off our 5K registration in February and the first 500 registrants will receive an Every Angeleno Counts t-shirt.

Here's the question: What does the t-shirt look like?

That's where you come in. Submit your design as a high-res Adobe Illustrator or .png file by February 10, 2015 at 5 p.m. to lphillips@homeboyindustries.org. Include your full name and contact information.

Maybe you include the date. Maybe you include the LA cityscape. Definitely include the words Every Angeleno Counts.

If your design wins, you'll receive artist credit and a dozen t-shirts when we go into production. We'll also post an announcement on our web site, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

Homeboy Industries provides hope, training, and support for formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women, enabling them to redirect their lives and become contributing members of the community. Last year, nearly 10,000 men and women benefitted from Homeboy's free tattoo removal services, mental health and educational programs, substance abuse support, job training, and employment services. Proceeds from the Every Angeleno Counts 5K Run and Festival will keep these programs strong.

On behalf of everyone here at Homeboy Industries, thanks for participating!

January 22, 2015

Union Bank Foundation Supports Job Training at Homeboy

Homeboy Industries is pleased to announce that we have received a $10,000 grant from the Union Bank Foundation to support our Job Training program.

More than 300 former gang members and previously incarcerated individuals benefited from our comprehensive 18-month program last year—people like Stephanie, who recently regained custody of her children; Manuel (pictured), who just completed our Parenting Program; Hector, who is discovering his poetic talent in Homeboy’s Creative Writing class; and Mariana, who is enrolled in college and completing an internship at partner organization Project 180.

These success stories mark the intersection of trainees’ commitment to change, and Homeboy’s commitment to facilitating that change via employment preparation and therapeutic community. As Father Greg says, “We exist for that young person who comes in here with only a flicker of hope left.”

Thanks to the Union Bank Foundation and other supporters, flickers have become flames.

January 05, 2015

Exlore Alaska’s Inside Passage with Father Greg

Cruise Alaska's Inside Passage on the Celebrity Solstice June 12-19, 2015 with Father Greg. Read more and book now.

The eight-day cruise itinerary includes: :

  • Ketchikan, Alaska, known as the gateway to Alaska
  • Tracy Arm Fjord and Junea, Alaska
  • Skagway, Alaska
  • Inside Passage,
  • Victoria, BC

Through the cruise Father Greg will share stories and wisdom gleaned from life with the men and women of Homeboy Industries. And he'll celebrate mass daily. This is a unique opportunity to travel with Father Greg and it will surely be a transformative experience.

When you use code 55837 to book your cruise, you'll be invited to a welcome reception and receive a personalized autographed copy of his book Tattoos on the Heart. Reserve your spot today.

October 22, 2014

Open House and Farm-To-Table dinner!


Join Us on Nov. 1st 

For an open house and farm-to-table dinner

Open House - Saturday, November 1st  5:30-7:30
130 W. Bruno Street - Los Angeles, CA 90012

Drop by Homeboy Headquarters to sample and pre-order holiday delectables from tamales and granola to cookies and Homegirl’s special coffee brew.

This year only, taste a 2010 Santa Lucia Highlands Chardonnay produced by Speratus Winery.Order as a gift and 100% of the proceeds benefit Homeboy Industries.

AND, enjoy a reprise of the EVERY ANGELENO COUNTS ART SHOW & SALE  that made its debut on October 18th as part of this year's 5K Run. Proceeds from sales benefit Homeboy Industries.

Tasting fee is $15 and can be applied to your purchase or pre-order of gifts!

Please click here to register. 

Farm-to-table dinner

and transformation stories at the Homegirl Café

Saturday, November 1st beginning at 6:30 p.m.

It’s a new tradition! Seasonal family style dinner at the Homegirl Café topped off by Transformation Stories from men and women working through Homeboy Industries’ program.
The evening begins with light bites, libations and a wine auction. Attire is casual, but bring your credit card.
Attire is casual. Space is limited. Tickets are $75. Be prepared to be wowed by the company, the food, and the amazing work that goes on at Homeboy Industries.

Please click here to register. 

September 23, 2014

Community Roundtable

Homeboy Industries and Children’s Institute, Inc. present our 2nd Community Roundtable

"The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children"

Tuesday, September 23rd

Children's Institute, Inc. (Otis Booth Campus)
2121 Temple St.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

For more info and registration

To download flyer

June 13, 2014

Fatherhood Solution Conference

Friday, June 13th

7th Annual Fatherhood Solution Conference
Westin LAX Hotel
5400 West Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045

I’ve attached the conference brochure and below is the link to the registration website:



May 29, 2014

Transformation Stories Live: An Evening of Kinship and Compassion at Homeboy Industries

Join us on May 29th for Transformation Stories Live in the intimate setting of Homegirl Café. Celebrate the lives of the men and women who courageously choose the path of transformation every day at Homeboy Industries as we gather together to hear their stories. 

RSVP now!

2014 Homeboy Hero Jose Rodriguez and Homeboy trainees will share their stories. The program will be preceded by food and cocktails catered by Homegirl Café.

The event is $12 per person. Proceeds support Homeboy Industries.

When: Thursday, May 29; reception at 5:30, hourlong program at 6 p.m.

Where: Homegirl Café, 130 Bruno St., Los Angeles, CA, 90012

Please RSVP here: https://homeboyind.wufoo.com/forms/rsvp-for-transformation-stories-live/

And don't forget: May is Lo Maximo month, which means that everyone who signs up as a monthly giver through Tattoos on the Heart will receive a bag full of Homeboy goodies!

April 26, 2014

Salud Arte: Building Healthy Communities

Salud Arte

April 12, 2014

Goodeggs Foodhub Opening

Please stop by the Homeboy Industries table at the Goodeggs Los Angeles Foodhub Opening on Saturday, April 12, 2-6pm 2760 Clearwater Street Los Angeles, CA 90039 Live music, food, drinks, games, fun for the entire family! Goodeggs.com/lafoodhubopening

April 04, 2014

PLACAS: The Most Dangerous Tattoo

San Francisco International Arts Festival
present “Healing from Violence” A Conversation with Alex Sanchez of Homies Unidos, Father Greg Boyle of Homeboy Industries and Jerry Tello of National Compadres Network & National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute Friday, April 4th, 2014. 5:30pm-7:00pm (updated times), FREE at Los Angeles Theater Center (LATC) 514 S. Spring Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90013 You are invited to attend this special conversation with community leaders working on local, national and international levels who will be discussing the topic of “Healing from Violence.”

April 02, 2014

Safe Neighborhoods And Schools Rally

join us join us

February 20, 2014

Community Roundtable

On Thursday, March 20, 2014, in collaboration with Homeboy Industries, Children's Institute, Inc. will hold a one-day community roundtable to discuss several of the issues related to helping individuals successfully reintegrate into society after incarceration. We hope you'll join us! Click on the image for more information. roundtable

December 14, 2013

Usher in the holidays with Transformation Stories at Homegirl Cafe

Please join us Saturday, December 14 at 4 p.m. for a special holiday edition of our ongoing Transformation Stories events. Experience inspiring stories of kinship and courage from Homeboy trainees, enjoy tamales from Homegirl Cafe and enter the raffle to win a gorgeous gingerbread house from Homeboy Bakery! From the margins to finding the Homeboy community, Homeboy trainees will share their experiences, revealing how while working at Homeboy their lives have been changed and how community trumps gang.


Learn how you can become a sustaining member of the Homeboy Industries community during the holidays and beyond, through our monthly giving program, Tattoos on the Heart.

This afternoon of kinship will feature tamales, as well as other light bites and aguas frescas from Homegirl Café.

Transformation Stories Saturday, December 14th, 2013 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (light bites at 4, program at 4:30) Homegirl Cafe 130 West Bruno Street Los Angeles, California 90012 Come on down. Please bring a friend. Admission by donation.

Presented by Tattoos on the Heart, Homeboy Industries’ new monthly giving program.

Easy monthly giving funds major monthly transformations.

November 02, 2013

Basketball Game vs. Power 106

Saturday November 2nd. Get your tickets for the battle on the court. Homeboy's basketball team will take on popular LA radio's Power 106.

Tickets are $10. Limited VIP tickets available. Get yours here.

Doors open at 5:30 pm. Game time is 6 pm.

September 21, 2013

2013 5K Run/Walk

Join us this Saturday for the 4th annual Homeboy Industries 5K Run/Walk at Los Angeles State Historic Park!

Early packet pick-up is at Homegirl Café on Friday, the night before the race, from 3-7 p.m.

Saturday, September 21, 2013
6-7:30 a.m. - On-site registration and packet pick-up
8 a.m. - Race time
The Homeboy Marketplace will be open until 11 a.m. with food and fun for everyone!
Los Angeles State Historic Park
1245 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA ‎

On-site registration will be $45.00/adults, $20.00/kids $40.00/team members. We will accept cash, credit cards & checks.
-Donate to support Team Homeboy as our homeboys and homegirls run alongside case managers, employment services counselors and volunteer teachers. We'll all say thanks!

August 22, 2013

Wine tasting event hosted by the Los Angeles Paralegal Association will benefit Homeboy

The Los Angeles Paralegal Association is holding a wine tasting on August 22. Proceeds from the event will go to support job training and the free services and programs offered at Homeboy Industries. Homeboy speakers will be on hand to share their experiences and answer questions. Learn more and register at www.lapa.org. L.A. Paralegal Assocation hosts benefit wine tasting event for Homeboy

June 23, 2013

Kris Kristofferson & John Flynn Benefit Concert for Homeboy Industries

Smothers Theater, Pepperdine University

June 23rd, 2013 at 7:30 pm

kris kristofferson live in concert
Kris Kristofferson

Tickets are on sale NOW!

Tickets can be purchased in person at the Smothers Theater box office, over the phone at (310) 506-4522, or online at http://pepperdinearts.ticketforce.com/.

VIP Tickets @ $250 include a private post-performance dessert reception with the artists and Father Greg Boyle

Additional tickets are $75 and $45.

Proceeds support job training and wraparound services for formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women at Homeboy Industries. Call (323) 526-1254 x312 with questions. In addition to regular reserved seating tickets, a select number of VIP packages will be available, which will include premium seating within the first three rows, a limited-edition commemorative concert poster, and a meet-and-greet opportunity with Kristofferson, John Flynn, and Homeboy Industries founder Fr. Gregory Boyle after the show.

May 18, 2013

“G-DOG” held over in Los Angeles Laemmle theaters - May 18 & 19

Thanks to audience support, "G-DOG" has been held over once again through May 19th at Laemmle theaters in Pasadena and Claremont. Saturday, May 18th - 11am // Sunday, May 19th - 11am. Thanks for spreading the word to your friends and family!

* Laemmle Playhouse 7, 673 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91101
* Laemmle Claremont 5, 450 W. 2nd St., Claremont, CA 91711

Check out the trailer: G-DOG Trailer

Purchase tickets: Online Tickets

May 04, 2013

“G-DOG” extended screenings in Los Angeles - May 4 & 5

If you missed the SoCal theatrical debut of "G-DOG" last week, you're in luck!! Due to popular demand, "G-DOG", the new documentary about Homeboy and Father Greg, has been extended through this weekend at Laemmle theaters in Santa Monica, North Hollywood, Pasadena and Claremont. Saturday, May 4th - 11am // Sunday, May 5th - 11am.

Join Academy Award-winner, Freida Lee Mock, for a special Q&A following the screening of "G-DOG" in Santa Monica.

Join Homeboy staff for Q&A's following the screenings in NoHo, Pasadena and Claremont.

* Laemmle Monica 4-Plex, 1332 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401
* Laemmle NoHo 7, 5240 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601
* Laemmle Playhouse 7, 673 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91101
* Laemmle Claremont 5, 450 W. 2nd St., Claremont, CA 91711

Check out the trailer: G-DOG Trailer

Purchase tickets: Online Tickets

April 25, 2013

“G-DOG” - Purchase the DVD today

G-Dog the Movie

Get your copy today from the Homeboy Industries Merchandise Store and Online.
G-Dog is a story about second chances - about the charismatic visionary Greg Boyle, a Jesuit priest who rescues kids from gangs by launching the largest, most successful gang intervention and rehab program, Homeboy Industries, now an international model. "Must See Film..." - Huffington Post "Inspirational" - LA Times "Amazing Film" - Film Talk, KPCC "Riveting…Brilliantly Told" - Latino Weekly Review

April 20, 2013

Homeboy at the LA Times Festival of Books - April 20 & 21

Please swing by and support the Homeboy booth at the upcoming LA Times Festival of Books!!! Saturday, April 20th and Sunday, April 21st. We'll be near the cooking stage and food trucks in the Blue Zone on Cromwell Field at USC - Booth #2081. Father Greg will be signing his NY Times best-seller, Tattoos on the Heart, and Homegirl Cafe Chef Pati Zarate will sign her beautiful, brand-new cookbook, Hungry for Life. Father Greg will be available: Saturday, 10-11am/4:30-6pm & Sunday, 12-5pm. Chef Pati will be available all throughout each day. We look forward to seeing you there!! Free and open to the public. For more info, go to the event website at: http://events.latimes.com/festivalofbooks/

April 16, 2013


The Napa Valley Film Festival (NVFF) is thrilled to present the documentary "G-Dog", by Academy Award-winner Freida Lee Mock, as the first event of the 2013 NVFF K-12 Education & Outreach Program. After a well-received screening at last November's festival, the NVFF wants to continue sharing this important story with the community. Homeboy staffers and "G-Dog" co-stars, Hector Verdugo and Fabian Debora, will attend the screenings and discussions. Please join them at one of the following shows: Tuesday, April 16th, 5:30-8pm - Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School Auditorium. Wednesday, April 17th, 5:30-9pm - Napa District Auditorium. Thursday, April 18th, 6:30-9:30pm - American Canyon High School Auditorium. Possible additional screening in Calistoga TBA. Admission is free for students with ID, and $5 for adults. Tickets sold at door. More info at: http://napavalleyfilmfest.org/2013/gdog-edu/

April 05, 2013

“G-DOG” at Cleveland International Film Festival - April 5-6

The 37th Cleveland International Film Festival will screen the new documentary, "G-Dog", for two nights. One of its stars, Homeboy Substance Abuse Counselor and resident artist, Fabian Debora, will be in attendance, along with Academy Award-winner, Freida Lee Mock. Two screenings: Friday, April 5th, 7:10pm. Saturday, April 6th, 4:40pm. Tower City Cinemas, Tower City Center, 230 W. Huron Road, Cleveland, OH 44113. For more info, go to: http://www.clevelandfilm.org/films/2013/g-dog.

March 05, 2013

“G-DOG” film screening in Sydney, Australia

For those Homeboy supporters who live Down Under, please go support the Closing Night screening of "G-Dog", the new doco about Homeboy Industries and Father Greg, by Academy Award winner Freida Mock. Homeboy staffers, and "G-Dog" stars, Louis Perez and Fabian Debora, will be there to welcome you with big, open arms! Please stop by to say g'day and lend your support. Tuesday, March 5th. 6pm. Big Picture Film Festival, Event Cinemas, Sydney, Australia. Tickets required. More info at: http://www.thebigpicture.org.au/wordpress/?event=g-dog-closing-night-film-plus-supper-package

Click here to view PDF for more information

December 15, 2012

2012 Homeboy Industries 5K Run/Walk - December 15, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012
8 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Los Angeles State Historic Park

Join us for a great morning in the park to support Homeboy Industries!

- Registration & check-in open at 6:00am
- Come early for breakfast and shopping in the Homeboy Marketplace
- Race begins at 8am
- Stay late for post-race lunch, shopping, entertainment and community booths

What you can do now:
- Sign up to run!
- Spread the word!
- Put together a team!
- Become a corporate sponsor!
- Donate to support Team Homeboy as our homeboys and homegirls run along side case managers, employment services counselors and volunteer teachers. We'll all say thanks!

Registration Information
- $40 Adults
- $20 Children
- $30 Groups (10 or more registrants)

Each registrant will receive an exclusive 2012 Homeboy Industries 5K Run/Walk t-shirt, along with a goodie bag and a certificate for free Angela's Potion in the Homegirl Cafe or Homeboy Bakery.

Register online now!