July 10, 2018

Our 2018 High School Graduates

On Tuesday, June 12, we celebrated graduation for our high school students. We began an alliance with Pasadena-based Learning Works Charter School in 2010, and teach students at the Homeboy Industries' Learning Works satellite campus in our Boyle Heights location. Out of the 66 Learning Works student overall who earned their diplomas, 26 were Homeboy Industries students. The reason our alliance is so successful is that the guiding principles of Learning Works and Homeboy complement each other perfectly.

If you have not attended a graduation, you really are missing out. It’s inspiring! The outpouring of pure joy from students who never thought they’d earn a diploma is infectious.  Given their struggles with school, poverty and overall disadvantaged conditions, this is a HUGE accomplishment for them and us. Many of these youth are the first in their family to graduate high school.