December 22, 2016

Herb Alpert Foundation Supports Arts and Growth at Homeboy Industries

Homeboy Industries is pleased to announce that we recently received two grants from the Herb Alpert Foundation, a long-time supporter. The foundation provided $50,000 to help us grow our capacity, and $25,000 for arts programming.

At Homeboy, we help former gang members and people who have been incarcerated discover who they really are. Writing, acting, and other forms of self-expression are important to the healing process.

A trainee named Anthony recently spoke about redefining his identity. “Every dude my mom knew was a gangbanger—my grandad, my pops, my stepdad. Those were my role models. I thought I knew myself, but I didn’t,” he said. Now that he’s at Homeboy, “I’m still growing and learning and reading books…. The family you were born into is your biological family, but you have a spiritual family too. I look at myself now as a humble giant.”