June 02, 2017

Former Gang Members Find Freedom with Support from Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

Homeboy Industries is pleased to announce that The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, a longtime supporter, has made a $100,000 grant to help our agency provide vital training and services to former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women.

This investment will allow us to support more people like Lami, a former trainee who now works as one of our senior Navigators, mentoring others on their journey. Lami recently discharged parole and described what freedom meant to him.

“I told my former parole officer, ‘I’m glad to be off parole, but the work continues. I have to keep doing what I’ve been doing and stay motivated,’” Lami said. “I also told him to feel free to stop by Homeboy anytime if he’s in the area and if he has a parolee struggling with reentry, send him my way.”