December 16, 2016

Edison Supports Education at Homeboy

Homeboy Industries has received a $20,000 grant from Edison International in support of our Pathways to College program.

After spending their childhoods in “survival mode” and faltering academically, many Homeboy clients think of themselves as unintelligent or unteachable. Our education programs replace those narratives with positive achievements. The path begins with a comprehensive educational assessment, followed by placement in a GED or high school continuation program and individualized tutoring. Once clients have completed high school, they enroll in community college with a cohort of students from similar backgrounds. The support students receive at Homeboy helps them overcome academic, mental, and logistical barriers to higher education.

“My GED was always on my to-do list,” a trainee named Inez said recently. Pathways to College helped her pass the test and enroll in college. Now, she says, she prioritizes school. “I’ve had a lot of things taken away from me, but they can’t take my education.”