April 26, 2013

Benefit Concert - June 23, 2013

On June 23, celebrated singer-songwriter, actor and activist Kris Kristofferson and singer-songwriter John Flynn will combine creative forces to play a benefit concert on behalf of Homeboy Industries. This will be the first time Flynn and Kristofferson, who are friends off stage, will play a full concert together. The event will be held at Smothers Theater in Malibu.
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kris kristofferson live in concert

"It's an honor for me to share my talent with an organization such as Homeboy Industries and its cause of advancing the lives of thousands of young men and women who have made the decision to better their lives,” Kristofferson said. "Joining forces with John Flynn on this special performance offers fans a night of great music to help a great cause."

The artists’ relationship with Homeboy Industries and the subsequent plans for the upcoming show, “unfolded,” Flynn said, “in this very serendipitous way.”

Flynn first heard about Homeboy Industries when he and Kristofferson’s daughter Kelly swapped their favorite books and he received Father Greg Boyle’s book Tattoos on the Heart. The Pennsylvania singer-songwriter is a longtime leader of New Beginnings, a support group at the state prison in his area, and the “real stories” in Tattoos were a poignant reminder for Flynn of his experiences working with men in the prison system.

Initially Flynn had been afraid to enter the prison. But before long, he realized that the men he was getting to know had a lot of what he calls “hard-earned wisdom.” “It’s hard to admit that many of your spiritual advisors live behind bars,” Flynn said. “Mine do.”

Concertgoers can look forward to tunes from Flynn like “Prison Bible” and “Prodigal Father,” which have been inspired by the men of New Beginnings.

“You can’t be around these guys and not be changed,” Flynn said. “I’m more hopeful and more optimistic about the world. They have some almost insurmountable obstacles, but their spirit and the essential goodness after all they’ve been through makes me a more hopeful person.”

Kristofferson and Flynn are looking forward to visiting Homeboy Industries, where “hope has an address,” as they help us celebrate our 25th anniversary.