“Community trumps gang, every time." – Father Greg Boyle

Many of our Homeboys and Homegirls arrive into young adulthood with no support system and absent families. When these young men and women teeter in their stability, Homeboy is often called on to serve as “parent.”

What we want to provide our clients at Homeboy is a supportive community, a sense of family and a place where they come to help find their strengths, learn job skills, get an education, learn new life skills, and become contributing members to their families and communities.

Homeboy provides job training positions and free social services for formerly gang involved and previously incarcerated men and women. Each client is assigned a Case Manager on day one who helps them set a goal plan that may include: obtaining a high school diploma or GED, a course of action for release from parole or probation, and a general game plan for needed services, classes, and skills in order to find outside employment.

Life at Homeboy begins for our trainees with work in the maintenance department. During the course of their time at Homeboy, trainees move from maintenance to a vocational skill-building position in one of our six social enterprises, or an administrative position in our program headquarters.

Daily activities for the “homies” (our trainees) might include attending a class such as Computer Basics, Bridge to College, Building Healthy Relationships, Anger Management, or Parenting, and perhaps having a one-on-one appointment with a mental health counselor and a tattoo removal session.

Daily life starts each morning at Homeboy with morning meeting, where every staff member joins to hear the agenda for the day, share successes, and preview upcoming events. This meeting is closed with the “thought of the day,” a small piece of wisdom or inspiration from one of our trainees or staff to help us keep on track for the day.