You can help Homeboy: Be creative like The L.A. Paralegal Associatino, Nichole Baker, Lauren Tom and the Cloud Racing Team at Cornerstone OnDemand. Think about your next adventure, your next Marathon run, an upcoming event and turn it into an opportunity to help Homeboy Industries. Your creativity in this way and your donation/s allows us to continue the work we do, helping men and women leave their former gang lives, break the cycle of incarceration and transform their lives.

L.A. Paralegal Association wine tasting

The Los Angeles Paralegal Association is holding a wine tasting on August 22. Proceeds from the event will go to support job training and the free services and programs offered at Homeboy Industries. Learn more and register at

Wine tasting event hosted by the Los Angeles Paralegal Association will benefit Homeboy

Nichole Baker:  

Nichole Mt KilimanjaroStarting February 18th, Nichole is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. With a peak that is 5,895 meters above sea level, she is raising $1 for every meter above sea level that she climbs ---  $5,895 for Homeboy Industries!  Nichole knew she wanted to use the experience to give back. Nichole describes that her “attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro is merely a mole hill compared to the mountains of adversity, suffering and challenge that the young people affiliated with Homeboy Industries must climb simply to create a decent life for themselves.  If they can overcome poverty, neglect, abuse, abandonment and violence, then I can certainly deal with the cold, the altitude, sickness and soreness.”  For more information on Nichole’s trek up Mt. Kilimanaro:



Lauren Tom: 

Lauren Tom Fundraising for Homeboy IndustriesHomeboy Industries has a great friend in Lauren Tom who is entered in a “celebrity popularity contest”. If she wins the contest, Homeboy will be the recipient of a $32,000 grand prize (approximately 10,000 Euros). Vote for Lauren on or before February 27th at:  Spread the word. Help us --- pass word along to friends and family to vote early and often (every day!).



Cornerstone on Demand: 

Cornerstone on Demand - Fundraising for Homeboy IndustriesCornerstone OnDemand is partnering with Homeboy Industries as the organization of choice for the 2013 LA Marathon, March 17, 2013. Cornerstone’s internal marathon team, the Cloud Racers, will dedicate this year’s race and fundraising efforts to Homeboy. Last year’s 17-person marathon team raised over $8,000.  Currently, there are 31 committed runners on this year’s team with the goal --- to raise $15,000 for Homeboy. Cornerstone OnDemand is “honored to be working with Homeboy Industries and the employees are looking forward to a happy, healthy, and successful marathon.” For more information on The Cloud Racers at Cornerstone On Demand, check out their blog: For information on donating to the team: