Global Homeboy Network




August 26-29, 2018





Sunday, August 26
Late afternoon/early evening reception
Location: Homeboy Industries

Monday, August 27
Details TBD
It is likely that we will plan an additional networking/social event

Monday and Tuesday, August 27 and 28
Workshops/Panel Discussions/Keynotes
Location: California Endowment

Wednesday, August 29
For those who’ve not had the opportunity to visit Homeboy, we invite folks to join us for a casually planned day of technical assistance
Location: Homeboy Industries


Cost: $300 per person

Potential additional cost for the August 27 evening event, TBD.
All planning and arrangements for travel and hotel accommodations up the individuals.



Homeboy launched the GHN by hosting the first annual Global Homeboy Network Gathering in August 2014 to provide structure and clear strategic direction to the technical assistance that Homeboy has been providing for decades. The inaugural gathering included leaders from communities across the United States and the globe who have long hoped to bring pieces of the Homeboy model to their work and organizations.  This unconventional “conference” included technical assistance, best practice, storytelling, workshops, panel discussions, and activities that helped share the knowledge and tools found within the Homeboy model.

The Global Homeboy Network now includes over 100 organizations that are actively working to provide hope and a future to high-risk populations.

“We imagine no one standing outside of the circle, moving ourselves closer to the margins so that the margins themselves will be erased. We stand there with those whose dignity has been denied. We locate ourselves with the poor and the powerless and the voiceless. At the edges, we join the easily despised and the readily left out. We stand with the demonized so that the demonizing will stop. We situate ourselves right next to the disposable so that the day will come when we stop throwing people away.”    -Fr. Greg Boyle

Widening the circle with compassion, tenderness, and kinship, creating community, sanctuary, family, a place to welcome those on the edges, on the margins— these ideas are what ultimately led to the creation of the Global Homeboy Network in 2014, and what continue to drive its growth and direction. 

Since Homeboy’s start in 1988, hundreds of organizations have visited Homeboy Industries Headquarters or asked for the organization to send staff as advisors, seeking guidance and concrete technical assistance as they work to envision, build, and grow organizations within their own communities. These organizations have come to Homeboy to learn more about our free programs and services, and social enterprise business model.

Homeboy provides concrete value to organizations across the globe who seek to replicate some or many of the successful programs and social enterprises that together make the Homeboy model. As a “lighthouse” for these organizations, Homeboy provides a starting map, as well as a strategic set of tools and program models, for leaders who hope to bring some piece of our model to their own communities. Together as a network of organizations we can collectively advocate for change, test and improve services for vulnerable populations, work together on public policy, and invest in making changes to the criminal justice system.


Many have asked Homeboy Founder Fr. Greg Boyle, “Will you ever duplicate Homeboy in other cities?” And the surprising answer is “no.” Intentionally choosing to not to be the “McDonald’s of gang intervention programs" Homeboy has long sought an expansion model that would both respect and develop the local voices that must be at the center of community-based services.

And so, in 2014, the Global Homeboy Network (GHN) was founded to answer that call. The mission of the Global Homeboy Network is to work with organizations across the globe to create therapeutic communities that offer job skills training, cost-free programs and services, and social enterprise employment. GHN’s goal is to assist other organizations as they provide marginalized men, women, and youth with tools they need to change their lives and become productive members of their communities. At its core the GHN seeks to widen the circle of compassion, tenderness, and kinship by fostering community, sanctuary, family, and a place of welcome for those on the margins. These values drive GHN’s growth and direction.

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