Mini Farms

The Homegirl Mini Farms program is a pilot project to bring fresh, organic produce direct from our urban farms to you, our patrons, at Homegirl Café and Homeboy Bakery.

Through education about the origins of fresh food, organic food production, composting and local food resources, we hope to empower our trainees to seek healthy food resources in their own communities as well as encourage their friends and families to join them.

We currently grow a number of high quality seasonal vegetables, culinary herbs and teas. It is our goal to provide as much as 30% of the bulk produce and herbs used by Homegirl Café & Catering and Homeboy Bakery by the end of this year!

By composting almost 100% of our food waste, using only vegetable based plastics, unbleached paper products and by constantly improving our recycling program, we aim to be a leader in sustainable restaurant practices and the evolving urban food movement.